Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mahathi presents a Lively Mikeless Kutcheri

Sunday Kutcheri concept inspires International School to include carnatic music as an extra curricular activity

Even as Mahathi, the class six student of Avalon Heights International School, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, landed in Madras and began practicing for the upcoming Mikeless Kutcher, the rain Gods showered their blessings on her. The city received unexpected rains on Friday evening and Saturday morning that was a great relief from the sweltering heat that we had experienced over the last one week.

After a couple of rehersel sessions with the accompanists Thiruvedaimarudur K.Ganeshan (Violinist) and Pattu Padmanabhan( Mridangam Vidwan), Mahathi was all set for the big moment on Sunday morning.

Acoompanied by her mother and aunt, Mahathi was all excited as she walked into the the Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore at around 6am even as the Chess Quadrangle was being decked up with flower decorations welcoming Mahathi.

A student of Smt. Lakshmi Padmanaban, Mahathi has been Learning music since the age of six. Interestingly, Mahathi is also a Violinist, a Dancer and a Swimmer, in addition to being outstanding in her academics.

Mahathi’s presentation

The mikeless kutcheri proved to be a different kind of experience for the young Mahathi. Not only did she have to present without mikes and speakers, on Sunday morning she also had to counter the challenges posed by the overhead flights (flying over the Nageswara Rao Park) as well as the Nadaswaram at the nearby Kalyana Mandapam.

And she came out with flying colours displaying a great deal of confidence in her presentation in front of this informal park audience who sat around her tapping into her ragas.

Beginning with Manikkavachagar’s Thiruvenba, Mahathi's presentation included Sarasaksha (Panthuvaraali- Adi), Himadri Sute ( Kalyani-Rupagam), Karuna Jaladhe ( Nathanamakriya-Adi), Bhajare Gopalam (Hindolam-Adi) and Govinda Miha ( Bagheshree- Kanda Chappu).

Sunday Kutcheri concept inspires International School

At the conclusion of the Kutcheri, Mrs. Anandhi Venkat Raman, the mother of Mahathi, shared an interesting development that had taken place at Mahathi's International School recently.

“When we shared the Sunday Kutcheri Concept with the head of the International School where Mahathi is studying(Mahathi had wanted a couple of days off to come in early to Madras to prepare ahead of the Sunday Kutcheri), they were truly impressed to hear the kind of opportunities that exist for children. Immediately recognising the importance of Carnatic Music, the school has included this as an integral part of its extra curricular activities, thus providing a platform for children in the school to develop their musical skills.”

V.Kumaraswamy, GM- Sundaram Business Services presented the certificates and mementos to the performing artistes.

Sunday Kutcheri in the Park provides a platform for young children under the age of 15years to display their musical talent in an informal park audience. Mikes and Speakers are not used at the Sunday Kutcheri in the Park.

Sundaram Finance conducts audition to select the artistes.

For audition enquiries, email

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