Sunday, December 7, 2014

Supriya presents Sunday Kutcheri in the Park

The chess square was all decorated with flowers by 6am. 12 year old P Supriya was all excited to be presenting her first Mikeless Kutcheri. She reached the Nageswara Rao Park by 630am followed shortly by Violinist Parur Ananthalakshmi and Mridangist Ajeet Sridhar.
Supriya began sharp at 7am. For the next hour, she kept the audience rooted to their seat with a riveting performance with a presentation of songs that included Marukelara (Jayanthi Sri / Adi), Mamavathu Sri (Hindholam/Adi), Kanchathalaya (Kamala Manohari/Adi) and Deva Deva Kalayamithe ( Maya Malava Gowla/Rupakam). Morning Walkers at the park stopped by moved by her brilliant rendition. By 730am, all the stools were occupied. Music Connoisseurs gathered on the pathway too to encourage and appreciate the young talent. As an acknowledgement of her early morning Kutcheri, V Harikrishnan, Head- Karnataka, Sundaram Finance presented certificates and mementos to Supriya and the accompanists.
The idea behind the Sunday Kutcheri in the Park is to promote young musical talent aged below 15 years and to provide a launch pad for them. The focus has been on developing this as a platform for young ‘unsung’ children. Over 850 children have presented Kutcheri in the Park since the launch in February 2006. Sundaram Finance conducts audition to select the artistes. To register for the audition: email

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  1. Special kudos to the young Mridangam Artiste Master Ajeet. He played the Thani Avardhanam in a great professional manner and appreciable. SFL has done a good job in selection of artists and violin artist also made the concert very nice.